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Enhance your image with my expert logo design-ability and get the best logo for your business in New Zealand.

Your logo design is the critical first impression and tangible experience that your customers are likely to have with your business. Therefore, it’s essential for it to effectively communicate the essence of your brand in the blink of an eye. I create powerful and engaging logo design that sets the tone of your business and helps you to stand out in a competitive marketplace. Every little part of your logo contributes to your branding. I understand this, as I have been the leading Christchurch Logo Designer since the 90s! My innovative design process delivers your message flawlessly. I meticulously think through the graphics, the colour palette, font choices, and overall tone to ensure it resonates perfectly with your target audience. I will personally deliver a logo for your business that will establish and then nurture a connection with your customers. The logos I create make an awesome first impression while also communicating the essence and values of your brand yielding more trust and business for your business. I specialise in Logo Design – it’s what I love to do – I am the best Christchurch Logo Designer that would like put the love in your new logo.



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Want the best Logo designer in New Zealand?

Logo design that matters makes everything matter. That’s why I take the time to understand your goals and objectives of your business. I can then use my strategic, creative, and digital brilliance to deliver solutions that are as appealing as apples are to horses.


Effective logo design doesn’t just happen by accident.

I create it from a concerted effort to provoke specific emotions, thoughts, and desires within your target audience.

At XDC, I design world-class logos that effortlessly convey your message and visually promote your product or service. My solutions are engaging and memorable, bringing you straight into the minds of your customers. I design creative and professional logos that bring your brand to life in Rolleston, Christchurch, Auckland, Wellington, Hamilton, Tauranga and throughout the rest of New Zealand. Through innovative ideas, strategic planning, and imaginative concepts, I ensure your logo is unique, bespoke, original, relevant, and catches attention. I make the whole process fun. It’s like waiting for then unwrapping a very cool present at Christmas time.


My logo design process begins with discovery.

I immerse myself in your competitive environment, learn what sets you apart, uncover your company’s goals and values and uncover your Unique Selling Point.



Research, research and research. I look at competitors and similar businesses alike to make sure I do not do what they do. I research your business and what it offers, your Point Of Difference, your Value Proposition and start the hand-draw design concepts from there. Yes, the old-school logo design process that never fails. Your logo has to have a reason for being. It makes it memorable to your target audience. I start to generate a highly original logo form in its raw state.



With the fundamentals of your brand established, I begin exploring, sketching and designing your concepts. I’ll get my creative ideas flowing and produce concepts that are unique, forward thinking and representative of your business. This then gets moved to the Mac and the next part of the process begins…



After I’ve presented your concepts we enter the development phase. Here, we work closely with me for direction on any revisions you may like to see. Once any iterations have been made we’ll finalise your logo design solution and direction to save on time, hence money. I am not an ad agency so rest assured, the invoice will not have an agency couple of extra zeros.



Once your new raw logo has been approved, I finalise the design and colours. I then deliver the final logo design in all the high resolution formats you are likely to need. You’ll be armed with the files that are suitable for both digital and print purposes. JPG for emails, PNG for websites, PDF for Print and ai Vector Master Format for any future use (it’s the master logo file format). I can even supply a Style Guide for you, for your next business activities,  so in the future, no one get’s it wrong.


Are you looking for the best business logo designer? You have come to the right place – I am the Logo Guy – A Logo Design Guru.

Your logo design tells a story about your company. Make sure it’s the right one. At XDC, I invest my time in listening to your goals and understanding your business. I am a very experienced designer and will work with you to establish a logo that communicates what your business represents at its core. I distill the essence of your business down into a beautiful new shiny logo for you.

I distil everything your business stands for so that your logo makes a compelling emotional connection with your audience. I’ll create an original, bespoke logo that will empower your brand and have customers trusting and believing in what you do. Want more business? Yes, logos actually influence that. It’s the first thing that potential new customers see. There are a lot of talented logo designers around but finding one that matches your vision can be like finding hen’s teeth. At XDC, I’m proficient in a broad range of styles, so I am confident there will be a style that resonates with your brand. And guess what? I don’t just create logos, I make them dance too! Ever thought that your logo could be animated!? I put the Mojo in your logo and create Business Card mockups, Car and Van signage visuals and even new websites and adverts for you. A Full-Service one-stop-local-shop at affordable prices. So you can see your bright and shiny new logo at work!

I thrive on making my clients smile and establishing long-lasting working relationships. I am here to grow with your business every step of the way. My expertise lies in creating modern, simple, and clever logos that tell stories, resonate with audiences, and make an awesome first impact. Every successful business needs an eye-catching, original new logo design that sets it apart from the competition. Work with me, and I’ll provide you with an identity that cuts across the clutter and puts you ahead of the pack. I put the Mojo in your Logo that will stand the test of time!

I produce beautiful, modern new logo designs for Christchurch companies that want to take their business to the next level. I am an extremely experienced professional logo designer without the extra costs of an agency that can help Christchurch businesses to build awareness, appeal to customers and look extremely professional. Want to put the Bang in your Brand?!

With my logo design service you get the complete package!

I provide free, no-obligation quotes. I’m completely transparent in my quoting, so you’ll know exactly what it is you’re paying for and what to expect right from the start of the logo design process.

I pride myself on our great communication. I am approachable too and if you have any questions throughout the design process, I’ll always reply in a timely manner.

My highly creative experience combines talent and professionalism to develop eye-catching logo designs for a diverse range of Kiwi NZ businesses or companies. You can rely on my proven expertise to execute flawless concepts. Check out the logo carousel above for a mere subset of some of the fun, beautiful and stunning logos I have had the pleasure in creating.

I believe in the power of great ideas. My extensive experience, strategic understanding and creative insight combine to deliver innovative ideas that have depth, impact, and engage your target audience on multiple levels.

Once presented with your logo concepts, I provide you with the opportunity to make revisions. This feedback process allows you to make any tweaks to get the logo just right.

Once your logo design is finalised, I’ll provide you with all the file formats that you’re ever likely to ever need. These will be neatly organised for both print and digital uses and are yours to keep. I even archive them here for any future use. You will never loose them!

A BETTER BUSINESS EXPERIENCE MOVING FORWARD… is a local Selwyn, Christchurch and Canterbury full-service graphic design and creative marketing business based just out of Christchurch in Rolleston that’s here to help you. I am here to work for you as your outsourced graphic designer and creative marketing specialist. From my fortē of the logo design I really enjoy, to using my experience and creative marketing nouse to Design a Website and deploy Google-friendy SEO to help you get ranked higher. All in a mission to get your business more business. I simply point your business in the right direction. Ask me about anything, Logo Design is just the beginning.

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